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Here’s how much the average couple is spending on a COVID wedding


The average cost of a wedding in a Covid world is $19,000, according to results from a recent study conducted by The Knot. This is a $9,000 drop from the average cost in 2019, which totaled $28,000.

Amid the growing pandemic restrictions, most couples made modifications to their wedding plans in 2020 that allotted for a smaller guest count and less fanfare, significantly cutting down costs.

As we continue into another year, it’s looking like the future of weddings will follow a somewhat similar cost-savings trend. The Knot’s study, which surveyed over 7,600 U.S. couples who had originally set their wedding date for 2020, found that almost half of couples who planned to wed in 2020 decided to have postponed celebrations in 2021 (or later), but they’re focusing on the priceless aspects of matrimony: love and relationships.

Continue to the original article here: https://www.cnbc.com/select/average-cost-of-wedding-during-coronavirus-pandemic/